Planning and Design

Sometimes we are contacted by potential clients who know exactly what they want to have done. When this happens we simply confirm all the details, come up with a reasonable price tag, and then complete the work to their specifications. In most cases however, our potential clients have only a rough idea what they would like to have done. There is no charge for our planning and design work.  We have a painless process to help you figure out exactly what you want and how much it will cost.



Step 1   I meet with you at your home to talk about the project and take measurements.

Step 2   I email a  written quote with drawings based on what was discussed in our meeting.

Step 3   If it looks like the project is in your budget, we work together to adjust/modify the drawings to   meet your exact specifications and preferences. I will     guide you through material options as we work out all the details.

Step 4   I email a final quote with final drawings.

Step 5   Once you review and approve the final quote and drawings we are ready to schedule the work.


Note:     We do planning and designing for outdoor projects year round.  Winter is a great time to plan for spring projects.

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uranga-lower ulf sieh-patio flores-plan

Bob Planning

Bob Planning 2